Amazing Timelapse of Iceland’s Natural Beauty

Iceland is amazingly beautiful, and even we that live here cannot resist admiring its beauty. Especially when talented photographers such as the Norwegian
Stian Rekdal capture it at its very best.

According to an interview with Rekdal in National Geographic, the video was made from about 3,500 out of the 40,000 photos Rekdal took during his three-week trip to Iceland in September. Not surprisingly, his favorite place in Iceland is Jökulsárlón with the floating icebergs. He also mentions that the Snæfellsnes pininsula was another favorite place. Finally Rekdal says “The raw, rugged nature of Iceland is something I haven’t seen anywhere else. Sure, I’ve been to volcanoes before, but geologically speaking, Iceland is a giant volcano. And it shows. Another thing I found odd is how few trees there are.”