Coffee Crazy Icelanders

Your holiday in Iceland is sure to include a lot of coffee and at least one café.

You will soon find out that Icelanders are crazy about their coffee. They drink it all day, every day and it is an endless sourse of conversation. You will be offered coffee almost everywhere you go and you will probably experience every level of coffee there is, from the worst to the best. For some Icelanders it is all about quantity, for others quality.

Beautiful swan coffee-art at Te og kaffi Beautiful swan coffee-art at Te og kaffi

Whether you are on an adventurous nature trip or strolling between shops in Reykjavik, we are pretty sure you will want to mix with the locals and drink “ten drops” as the locals say sometimes.
Be sure to go to one of the finer cafés in Reykjavík while you are here. There are quite a few little coffee shops around where you will experience not only good coffee but amazing coffee art (pretty pictures in the milk foam). If you visit Kaffismiðjan on the corner of Kárastígur and Frakkastígur (very close to Hallgrímskirkja, the church with the high tower) you will see endless certificates on the walls of awards the coffee baristas? have won in competitions around the world. They even roast their own beans there in the little shop! The chains Te og kaffi and Kaffitár are also known for a very high level of quality and coffee art.