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Icelandic design shines in March

Blue photo, middle section of woman in white dress. Photo for Icelandic fashion meets Icelandic music at DesignMarch Icelandic fashion design meets Icelandic Music at DesignMarch.

Iceland‘s big design festival, DesignMarch will be held on 27-30 March 2014 for the sixth time. During this grand design event Reykjavik will be transformed into one big venue for design. We‘re sure you won’t want to miss out on this glorious event so we offer cheap flights to Reykjavik from the most fashionable capitals of Europe; Paris, London, Berlin and Copenhagen (sorry Milan but you’re up this summer).

The design scene in Iceland is young and emerging so it’s fitting for the annual design festival to be held in spring, when the long Arctic winter is drawing to an end and the days are becoming longer than the nights. From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design, the festival showcases the best of the local design scene alongside an increasing number of collaborations with international visitors.

Black and white photo of Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein will speak at DesignTalks in Iceland in March Calvin Klein will speak at DesignTalks. Image of Calvin Klein by Steven Klein © 2013 All Rights Reserved

The festival opens with a day of DesignTalks with international keynote speakers and DesignMatch, a “speed-dating event” for buyers and designers. These first events are aimed at a professional audience but during the weekend, an expected 15% of the entire Icelandic nation joins in to celebrate design. Calvin Klein, one of the world’s leading fashion designers and founder of Calvin Klein Inc. will speak at DesignTalks. He will speak on his strategies through the different phases of his career and collaborations across disciplines. Tickets for DesignTalks are available at Harpa.is and Midi.is.

Top picks at DesignMarch
DesignMarch is a unique opportunity to see what’s going on and meet all the local designers plus a handful of the most interesting international names. Some of the highlights this year are:

  • Icelandic fashion design meets Icelandic music” at Kex Hostel
    Fashion designer and musician explore the ways in which various different art forms impact and inspire each other.

  • Designs from Nowhere” at Spark Design Space
    Presenting the outcomes from a series of recent workshops involving a group of acclaimed international designers in the East Iceland region.

Jar of healthy food sitting on a brown paper bag. Order to Effect at Satt Restaurant. Local food that's good for you.
  • Order to Effect” at Satt Restaurant
    A new kind of restaurant concept where you order food based on its impact on your body and heath.
Reykjavik Letterpress, two women at the studio The gals at Reykavik Letterpress are having a party and you're invited.
  • It’s personal – and you’re invited” by Reykjavik Letterpress at The Culture House in Hverfisgata
    Reykjavik Letterpress collaborates with Dutch graphic designer Tiny Risselada for a party where guests can make and send letterpress invitations.