• Reykjavik is family friendly. The Reykjavik Children's Culture festival opening ceremony.

Family friendly Reykjavik

Childrens culture at the Reykjavik Children's Culture Festival. Laugardalslaug swimmingpool in Iceland. Childrens Culture at the Laugardalslaug swimmingpool. Photos: Raggi Th. Sigurðsson

Children’s culture, culture for children and culture with children; these are the three main aspects of the Reykjavik Children’s Culture Festival, a week long arts and culture festival dedicated to children and youth, happening from 29 April to 4 May.

This annual event reaches all corners of Reykjavik City. The festival program is a mixture of 150 events: performances, workshops, exhibitions, tangible experiences and special events led by experienced professional practitioners, artists, and people working with children. Check out www.barnamenningarhatid.is for more information.