• 10000 Icelandic krona

Let’s talk about the money

Currency calculation can be hard and if you’re going to do some shopping in Iceland it might be good to familiarize yourself with the krona. When you’re standing at the register about to pay for that gorgeous “Lopapeysa” you’ll know exactly who these guys are and what they represent. Take a look at the Icelandic money, you'll have enough of those left when you've booked your cheap flights to Iceland of course. 

1000 Icelandic KronaBackside of 1000 Icelandic krona banknote1,000 krona
The man on the banknote is Brynjólfur Sveinsson, a Lutheran Bishop who the Danish King, Frederick the Third, wanted to appoint as a royal Danish historian. Brynjólfur declined but promised to do what he could to collect manuscripts. He asked all people to turn over their valuable manuscripts and went to great lengths to get them personally if need be. Which is how he got Flateyjarbók (The Book of Flatey), a very valuable manuscript.
For quick thinking: ca. 6-7 €, close to $9

Front of 5000 krona Icelandic banknoteBackside of 5000 krona Icelandic banknote5,000 krona
The woman on the banknote is Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir, daughter of the priest Jón Arason, and the wife of two bishops (though not at the same time). Her first husband had been married twice previously and the picture on the bill is based on a picture painted in Copenhagen in which the bishop Gísli Þorláksson stands in the middle of all three of his wives. All three are wearing the big hat and white collar. Ragnheiður was very skillful at crafts and taught embroidery. Various things that she made or owned are on display at Iceland’s National Museum (Þjóðminjasafnið).
For quick thinking: ca. 31 € or $45

Photo of 1000 krona Icelandic banknoteBackside of 10000 krona Icelandic banknote10,000 krona
This bill is brand new, brought into circulation in 2013. The note is dedicated to the poet, linguist, scholar and nature lover Jónas Hallgrímsson. It depicts his picture and, in his own handwriting, some lines from a poem about Mt. Skjaldbreidur. The mountain can be seen in the background and in the forefront stands a plover, a special favorite among birds for Icelanders.
For quick thinking: ca. 64 €, close to $89