WOW air news: the tragic fate of the IKEA Christmas goat

As WOW air now offers cheap flights between Sweden and Iceland, we here at the office are excited about everything Swedish - and what is more so than IKEA?!

Of course there is an IKEA in Iceland (only one though) and it raises a Swedish Christmas goat every year. Known in Sweden as the Gävle Goat, it is made of straw, and usually made to stand for two days at the start of Advent. Of course Christmas comes earlier in IKEA. The idea, conceived by Stig Gavlén in 1966, has initiated a tradition of raising a large straw goat, although its fate is usually to be burned down by vandals.

You can follow the adventures of the Gävle Goat on its fan page, which features straw goats past and present.

This year the traditional, and highly flammable, six-meter tall Christmas goat adorning IKEA was surrounded by an electric fence, in the hopes of deterring would-be arsonists. Sadly the electric fence could not protect the Gävle Goat from the fierce Icelandic winds. A few days ago the goat was torn down by high winds. Once again the goat will not see Icelandic Christmas. The last few years the goat has been set on fire twice and torn down by high winds once before.

Updated the 28th of November
 The goat has been resurrected! It might see Christmas after all.

Here you can watch the 2010 Christmas goat burn