WOW's got new planes n' stuff n' we wants you to tag ‘em

Dat's rite – we's got new kites comin' and we wants u to decide wot they's gunna look like. [Use opening sentence to sound cool and ‘down with the kids': check. (Pronunciation note here.)]

[Use rest of blog post to soberly explain to all-but-three readers what the first sentence means: see below.]

Yes indeed, good chaps and chapettes. (Pronunciation note here.) WOW air has taken delivery of Iceland's newest and greenest aeroplane: a fresh-off-the-conveyor-belt Airbus A320. What's more, we've got three more of the beautiful flying machines on their way very soon. That's going to mean that WOW air will have the newest and greenest fleet in Iceland!

WOW air never thinks inside the box. We find it boring, dark and stuffy in the box. It's much nicer outside; here with you guys. But that left us with a problem: how do we want our new planes to look? The outside of a plane is pretty big and by extension a great canvas upon which to paint something fun and memorable.

Then we remembered you, our flight guests and other assorted fans. “We'll leave it to them,” we thought. “They'll know what to do”. And then we sat back happy and waited while no designs at all came literally flooding in.

“Perhaps we should actually tell people about this opportunity,” we suddenly thought to ourselves. “And maybe even give them an incentive to get designing.” So that's what we did.

We sent out a press release to journalists and we wrote a blog post (this one, as it happens).

The webpage also has details of why you should take part. Not only is there the unbearable excitement of seeing a huge jet plane carrying a livery you yourself personally designed; but the winner also gets free flights for two with WOW air for an entire year. There are also three runners-up prizes involving free WOW flights to Iceland.

So now…having come up with this fun idea, given you a good incentive to take part, and actually having bothered to tell you about it…now we are going to sit back happily and wait for the designs to come literally flooding in.

Good luck and have fun!