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Reynisdrangar beach in Iceland

Rural Iceland : Just like in the movies

Iceland is amazing. It's hard to find another place in the world with nature as beautiful or as versatile. Glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, valleys, hills, black beaches and 24 hour daylight during the summer …

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100% Icelandic whiskey and gin from Eimverk Distillery

Food & Drink : Time and patience are the key ingredients

In a relatively small factory house, indiscernible from the outside, true pioneers are at work. This is where we met with Egill Gauti Þorkelsson, master distiller at Eimverk Distillery, a family business that's the first ever to produce 100% Icelandic whiskey.

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awesome waves windsurfing in Iceland

Rural Iceland : Waiting for the perfect storm

The story of two dedicated windsurfers and a photographer who came to Iceland for the windsurfing journey of a lifetime. 

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Rural Iceland : Exploring the deep

Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic with many lakes and all this water around it. This means that there are plenty of diving opportunities for those who visit Iceland. 

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Hotspring at Hveravellir, Icelandic highlands

Rural Iceland : Divine desolation

The highlands in Iceland are a great source of inspiration for those fortunate enough to witness and explore them. Some of the most stunning locations in Iceland, such as Hveravellir, Landmannalaugar and Askja, are found within the extreme contrasts that define the highlands. 

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Caving in Iceland

Rural Iceland : Beneath the surface

Most people know about the Iceland's volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and geysers. But they may not know about another world that exists beneath the surface. That is Iceland‘s 300 kilometers of lava tube caves spread throughout the land. 

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