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Giving nature a shot

Iceland is very photogenic. Just ask Ragnar Axelsson, Iceland's no. 1 photographer.

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Rural Iceland : See the Northern Lights in Iceland

You have a chance of seeing the northern lights, or aurora borealis, in Iceland whenever it is fully dark and not cloudy.

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The early pick-up do

Crew : The early pick-up do

“Are you getting married?” “No, we're just going to work.”

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A unique show featuring the Icelandic horse at the Fakasel Horsepark in south Iceland.

Things to do in Iceland : Horsing around

Get to know Iceland's unique horse breed at Iceland's only horse park, Fákasel. 

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Icelandic cuisine at the Cowshed Cafe by Lake Myvatn

Food & Drink : A meal with a moo

If you're planning a trip to northern Iceland we recommend adding a trip to The Cowshed Café on your itinerary.  

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Giant wind turbines in the Icelandic highlands

Rural Iceland : Energy in the air

With the rising costs of geothermal- and hydropower, harvesting the winds of Iceland is now becoming a more sensible option.

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A hydropower plant at Irafoss in Iceland

Rural Iceland : The green energy of Iceland

Iceland is considered a global leader in the field of clean energy and the Icelandic government has big plans for the future.

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